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Since 1934, Buchheit has been serving Industry and Agriculture with dependable transportation services. That’s the year Rudy Buchheit started with one truck to haul livestock to the market for local farmers, and returning to our Southern Missouri area with goods for the local area. Today’s fleet of tractor trailers cover the lower 48 states and into Canada.

Our team of dedicated transportation professionals is eager to expand our service to customers throughout North America. You will find us to be responsive to you and your plants on repetitive business in these very trying transportation times. That is our goal here at Buchheit, to enjoy long term, mutually beneficial relationships every day.Image

We have entered an interesting time in truck transportation history. Record fuel prices, record service demands, and a shrinking pool of operators that can satisfy both of our requirements. We at Buchheit have been a bit more fortunate than some, our trucks are full, and we are even running some rental trucks. Our Owner Operator fleet is strong and growing. I believe that success is because as a smaller company, we are more personable and responsive to our operators than the "Super Carriers".

We recently moved to our new location in Scott City, MO. We outgrew our old facility, having been there for over 70 years, and were looking for more room to grow. This place has it! The small offices we had are replaced by 15,000 foot on the second floor of our warehouse complex. Nice offices, with plenty of room for future growth. We also have 5 truck bays now for our shop compared with our old 2 bay shop.

Our warehouse facility, Buchheit Logistics, Inc is comprised of 277,000 square feet of solid warehouse, 46 dock doors, and various areas that are securable for individual storage requirements. The facility is situated ½ mile off I-55 in Scott City, MO; four miles from the Southeast Missouri port, both major railroads and the Mississippi River. We are conveniently located midway between St Louis and Memphis. Beyond the existing facility is another nearly 30 acres available for development as needs arise. It is by far superior to our prior location and holds exciting potential for the future.

We are excited by our new facility, we have an eager and experienced team and we are positioned for the future, focused on our core business growth and success. That core business is bulk transportation in end dump and bottom drops, along with our van fleet.


  • Contract Carriage
  • Brokerage
  • Hazardous Material
  • Intermodal
  • Private Carriage
  • Warehousing

ImageContract Carrier of bulk, agricultural and finished goods throughout the 48 contiguous states and Canada. Providing dedicated or unique services for shippers and receivers of dry bulk and finished goods.

Logistics services assisting customers in covering fluctuating freight volumes or unique shipping lanes through a network of nearly two dozen trucking companies. This group pulls together combined resources of over 1000 tractor trailers encompassing all trailer types. Warehousing and value added services at our Scott City warehouse

Intermodal work loading and unloading rail, ship and barges. Coordination of shipping schedules, unloading facilities and transportation requirements.

Private Carrier goods to, from and between six Buchheit Retail Operations, Warehouse and Distribution Center, Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Fully integrated computer network with multiple work stations. Full accounting, payroll, and general ledger programming. Cellular call-ins and messaging capability directly tied in to dispatch allows real time responses to customer requests on equipment status. Computerized dispatch, mileage and routing, driver management programs, tied with maintenance, asset management reports, safety.

Five shop bays with six mechanics encompassing over 100 years of maintenance experience is open seven days per week.

Fleet makeup:

  • 95 Tractors
  • 35 Van Trailers
  • 48 End Dumps
  • 18 Pneumatic
  • 35 Hopper Bottoms

Call us and let us help you be successful with your logistics objectives!