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Owner-operators are a valued resource at Buchheit Logistics.

There are primarily three means by which an owner-operator can associate with Buchheit Logistics: (i) as a leased owner-operator, running under Buchheit Logistics authority and permits; (ii) as a dedicated owner-operator, regularly running our freight under his/her own authority and permits, and (iii) as a brokered owner-operator, occasionally running our freight under his/her own authority and permits. All owner-operators enjoy full-time, year-long work, with consistent, predictable home time.

Owner-operator opportunities include:

  1. Settlement checks direct-deposited every week, as requested and authorized.
  2. Leased owner-operators receive 100% of fuel surcharge paid every week, up-front, with freight bills. Dedicated and brokered owner-operators receive 100% of all billed and collected fuel surcharges.
  3. Leased owner-operators have the option of company-provided fuel cards, with a nominal fee for usage
  4. Owner-operators have earnings potential that can average $1.32 for every running dispatched mile, loaded and empty.
  5. Owner-operators have company-owned trailer rental options
  6. Leased owner-operators have base plate, physical damage, liability, cargo and non-trucking liability insurance options.
  7. Leased owner-operators have passenger insurance options
  8. Leased owner-operators have access to the PrePass program
  9. Dispatch philosophies are fair and impartial for all owner-operators

The future is bright with Buchheit Trucking. We are constantly expanding our customer base to help ensure our freight rates and hauling opportunities remain strong. We invite owner-operators to consider joining our team!

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